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sky pirate
15 February 2030 @ 03:25 am

semi-friends only

this blog is sorta public, sorta not.

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sky pirate
17 August 2012 @ 01:05 pm
I am probably never going to write in this journal again. So I'm trying a new one.


sky pirate
07 June 2011 @ 07:27 am
last week i noticed she was trying to go to the bathroom and she was in pain, and there was blood in her urine. so i took her to a vet immediately and they said she has a really bad infection, and that they suspect it's caused by a bladder stone.

so they gave me some antibiotics and then we go in again this friday for final checkup.

after reading up on bladder stones in guinea pigs, it sounds like they are usually too big to pass and only removable by surgery. how am i going to pay for a surgery? i can't :/ i am living paycheck to paycheck even with two jobs and my parents are not in a position to help me out with an expense like that. so, i don't know what i'll have to do, but i'm terrified that the case may be she'll have to be put down so it's put me in a lot of stress this week.

however, after a couple days of giving her the antibiotics she seems to be doing a little better. her urine cleared up and is pretty much blood-free, but she is still in a little pain when she goes. and she's skimping on her water, so i've been giving her a syringe-full of fresh water at the same time i give her medicine so she's less dehydrated. other than that she's acting perfectly normal.

i'm doing everything i can, but i'm worried it won't be good enough in the end. i'm just so scared of what i might find out on friday.

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sky pirate
28 May 2011 @ 11:17 pm
did some exploring yesterday. :) we went to an abandoned missile site in Chatsworth-- LA-88, one of the Nike missile launch sites that were built during the Cold War to protect Los Angeles from nuclear war. they're all abandoned now, but the one we went to was still fairly intact despite being closed down 40 years ago. it's used for training for LAPD SWAT teams now.

it was like a half-mile hike up a STEEP hill. i am far from being in shape so i thought i was gonna die. :| but, it was worth the walk because it was rad and had an amazing view of the San Fernando valley.

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also, the Pirates midnight showing at the El Capitan was amazing. i will write about it next time. :]
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sky pirate
16 May 2011 @ 12:28 am
subject sums it all up.

i have become relationship-phobic and even when nice guys take me on nice dates i can't get excited about spending time with them no matter how hard i try.

poop :(
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